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Ashley Tyler is a New York City based actress originally hailing from Hagerstown, MD. She moved to New York and studied at the New York Coonservatory for Dramatic Arts for two years before breaking into film.

She has done everything from Shakespeare to horror films. A film she starred in Theresa and Allison is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

Ashley also recently cowrote, produced and starred in a horror short film PERFECT that is making its way through the festival circuit with acceptances to Austin Revolution Festival, HorrorHaus Festival and many more.

Ashley Tyler had the opportunity to be interviewed for several outlets. Below are links directly to those interviews.

YOU'VE GOT RED ON YOU [LINK] Jeremiah Kipp has been a rather prolific film-maker over the last five or six years. A whole sleuth of impressive shorts including The Minions, Coma and Slapface... [LINK]

VILLAIN MEDIA [LINK] In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, director Jeremiah Kipp talks about the gory psychological thriller, Perfect, starring Ashley Tyler. Find out what happens when a murderer becomes... [LINK]

CORYFILM [LINK] In “Perfect”, Ashley Tyler delivers a chilling performance as a sociopathic femme fatale serial killer who seduces and dispatches dates in pursuit of the “Perfect Man”.  In addition to this striking... [LINK]

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